New Zealand is steeped in beauty
and abundant in history

New Zealanders enjoy a varied and active lifestyle benefiting from the country's outdoor beauty. From the internationally renowned ski slopes in Queenstown to the world class cycling tracks of Christchurch, New Zealand embodies stunning natural scenery with modern man-made cities. With New Zealand exciting international profile and expanding population , the city of Auckland is going places! Ranked number 1 in 2021 as the world's most liveable city by the Economists Intelligence Unit [EIU] report, it offers an abundance of natural, lifestyle, and cultural attractions.

Known as New Zealand's gateway, Auckland airport flies over 21m passengers to approx. 46 destinations worldwide and accommodates 22 international airlines, making it the 2nd largest airport in Australasia with an astounding 91% of international arrivals to NZ. Home to New Zealand largest university, Auckland ranked in the top 200 universities in the world and number one in the country and is a member of the worldwide universities network with more than 4000 overseas students – voted 14th in the world's most international universities.

With a huge media presence, Auckland’s screen industry last year was worth $2.4 billion and according to Auckland council “business is booming” with a large portion coming from overseas clients such as the BBC and Hollywood film companies.

It is also celebrated as a top sports city with its basketball team and football team playing in the larger Australian leagues to the Auckland Blues rugby team based at NZs most famous stadium - Eden Park it is the rugby capital of the world helping New Zealand’s successful hosting of the rugby World Cup in 2011, alongside a wonderful 328m tall iconic observational comms tower boasting a 360 degree restaurant called the Skytower. Also famous for the Americas Cup sailing team there’s not much you can’t do or see here.