Paddock Akers
making the functional beautiful

Beginning the design journey through a meaningful analysis of customer expectations, our design team are able to understand the subtle complexities of everyday life and the functions of space. With this understanding of how spaces function on a day to day basis, our innovative designs aspire to bring our customers a sense of belonging.

We believe that housing is a built environment with the sole purpose of enhancing our everyday habits. A house from Paddock Akers is your chance to share our vision of what contemporary living can offer. Timber and glass are just the raw materials used to build a space for you to live, grow and enjoy. However, by responding to human practices, physical boundaries can become a playful freedom... After all, the home is where the heart is.

Paddock Akers understands the importance of social spaces within any housing development. We are driven by a clear philosophy that puts the community at the heart of our projects and promotes social environments by creating dynamic and diverse civic spaces.

Driven by a dedicated team that provides a personal high end service and design standard, our tailored schemes reflect the needs of the community whilst continually striving to achieve innovative, efficient and elegant design solutions.